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A clinic you can trust

I know that you have a choice in health care providers, and I want to help you decide whether we’re right for you by sharing a little bit about our team, treatments we offer, and the principles that guide every decision at Back in Health Wellness Center. Our goal is to make you feel better, and we accomplish that by listening to your concerns with compassion, providing personalized treatment, and teaching you how to enable your body to heal itself.

We treat all kinds of patients, from newborn infants to professional athletes. We’ve treated tough veterans, sensitive children, and even pregnant women, and while each patient is different, they all share one common need—the need for a warm, compassionate, and knowledgeable health care provider. One who can help them achieve the health, strength, and mobility they need to live a full and active life. My staff and I are honored to serve that role for our patients.

We focus on treating the cause of your pain, not just covering up the symptoms. That means instead of just managing an injury or illness, we’ll teach your body to heal, and help you to improve your health. We use a range of natural health care treatments, including chiropracticacupuncture, massage, physiotherapies, exercise rehabilitation, and nutritional counseling, all to help improve your overall health and wellness.

As a child, I always wanted to be a doctor—I just didn’t know what kind. While running track in high school, I suffered an injury and sought treatment from a chiropractor. I was amazed at the difference it made and was intrigued. I began to learn more about the profession and never looked back! Today, with the help of my amazing team, we serve patients who want to get the most out of life, and aren’t satisfied with impersonal doctors who just want to throw pharmaceutical drugs at a problem. We serve patients who want to get back to a younger version of themselves. And we serve patients who want to be an active participant in their own health.


Our Dedicated Team

We pride ourselves on providing individualized care for our patients

We can assure you that the care we recommend is specific for you, your particular condition and health care needs, rather than a cookie-cutter treatment plan. The treatment that we recommend for you may be different than what we recommend for someone else with similar complaints, based on your history, examination findings, concurrent health conditions, or even because of your daily activities. Additionally, the treatment we recommend at the initial stages of your care will evolve as your condition changes.


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